How to Clean a Sam Browne Belt?

Answer A Sam Browne belt is a leather strap that is worn over the shoulder in many police and military uniforms. The belt is named for Sam Browne, a British officer that served during the Indian Rebellion... Read More »

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Is George Noory on coast to coast am going to have Sylvia Browne on his show?

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How to Clean a Crocodile Belt?

Crocodile skin is used to make accessories such as belts and handbags because of its durability and unique pattern and texture. The natural oils in crocodile skin belts can dry resulting in a dull,... Read More »

Can I Clean Oil From a Drive Belt?

Oil degrades rubber and eventually will cause your automobile’s drive belt to break. Use a soapy water solution to clean oil off a drive belt. The solution removes oil, as well as other fluids, f... Read More »

What Can Be Used to Clean a Fan Belt?

Fan belts can pick up dust and debris through continual use. This dirt sticks to the friction-based surface of the fan belt and can cause serious problems over time, affecting not only the belt its... Read More »