How to Clean a Room in 1 or 2 Days?

Answer Is your room extremely messy? Read this guide to help you. If you are doing this along with us, then do each step before going on. This will guarantee you a clean room within a few days.

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If john can paint his family room in 3 days what fraction on his family room still unpainted After 2 days?

I am pregnant 40 days and had been exposed to X-rays indirectly before 20 days because I was in the same room when my son had a chest X-ray. Will this will be harmful for my pregnancy?

A two view chest x-ray series is not a significant dose of radiation and would most likely have no effect on the fetus. The greater the distance between you and your son at the moment of x-raying t... Read More »

I Ate cheese that was kept in room temperature since 3 days! Will I be ill now?

No. Regular cheeses have been aged which is a natural preservative technique. Even fresh cheeses have had an acid or special bacteria added to ferment them, which will also act as natural preserva... Read More »

How can a teenager clean their small room and keep it clean?

I'm a teen and i have a small room. So here is what i do. Every time my room gets outta hand I go through all of my things and throw out all of the things that i don't want. I will throw out the... Read More »