How to Clean a Plumbing Pressure Regulator?

Answer Water pressure regulators are installed in almost all homes. These bell-shaped devices regulate the amount of water pressure that is released from the main water supply line to the rest of the plum... Read More »

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Plumbing issue! No water pressure?

Even copper pipes can clog if they are corroded and that usually leads to low water pressure, especially if, like stated above, some debris got loose. Low water pressure definitely sucks (especiall... Read More »

How to Attach a Pressure Switch to Plumbing?

Pressure switches are used to control water flow in plumbing. A common use for these types of switches is in houses that have a well drawn water supply. These switches are controlled by electricity... Read More »

Plumbing. How to locate my pressure reducing valve?

Yes it would be near the meter box or near where the water pipe enters the home. Do you know for sure that she even has a PRV. Many municipal water systems do not require PRVs or backflow prevent... Read More »

How to Replace a Plumbing Stop & Pressure Fitting?

Plumbing stops are pressure fittings designed to plug the end of a pipe when there's no fixture at the end. Stops can corrode over time, however, and may need to be replaced. Plumbing stops come in... Read More »