How to Clean a Nipple Piercing With Salt Water?

Answer Nipple piercing sites, as with any other piercing, can become painful and infected if not cleaned properly. A salt water bath or soak will not fully clean a nipple piercing on its own. Using salt w... Read More »

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How to Clean Your Nose Piercing With Sea Salt?

Cleaning a nose piercing on a daily basis eases pain around the area and accelerates the piercing's healing time; it can also prevent infection. Using body soaps or harsh cleaners burns your skin a... Read More »

Can i use smoked sea salt to clean my septum piercing?

Alcohol is really bad for your piercing while it's healing! I don't thinkthat salt is suitable. I suggest you to buy a clear sea salt. Not smoked sea salt!

How to Get a Nipple Piercing?

Nipple piercing is a common type of piercing that both men and women get done. Many different types of jewelry can be put into a nipple piercing, which makes it a fun piercing to get. If you are in... Read More »

How do you keep your nipple piercing moist?

Do not move the jewelry during the healing time. Doing so drags dirt, crusties, and bacteria into the piercing, and that can give you problems. Do sea salt soaks twice a day to keep this clean. 1/4... Read More »