How to Clean a New Ear Piercing?

Answer Did you just get your ears pierced? Or are you thinking about getting your ears pierced but you don't know anything about it? If it gets dirty, you're gonna need to know how to clean it; and this i... Read More »

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How to Clean a Hip Piercing?

Body piercings have gone from a counterculture symbol and tribal custom to mainstream fashion accessory. You can pierce everything from ears to the surface of skin, but all piercings require proper... Read More »

How do I clean my ear piercing?

Stay away from earrings that dangle below your ear for awhile, until your piercing can take the weight.Only touch your ear when needed. Your hand carries more germs than you think!Change/wash your ... Read More »

How to Clean a Body Piercing?

Body piercing has become very fashionable in recent years and many people get piercings without being fully aware of how to clean and care for them. These tips will help you on your way to healthy ... Read More »

How to Clean a Septum Piercing?

You are going to need to clean your septum piercing. Unclean septum piercings could lead to serious infection and risks for your health.