How to Clean a Mower Deck?

Answer Cleaning the lawn mower deck will ensure years of use and prevent the deck from rusting out due to grass and moisture build up. You should also consider protecting the deck by either spray painting... Read More »

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How do I clean a mower deck?

Disconnect the spark plug wire. Empty the gas tank. Turn the lawn mower onto its side so the deck can be accessed. Spray the deck with a garden hose to remove dirt, grass and loose debris. Scrub th... Read More »

How do I clean the bottom of a mower deck?

PreparationShut the mower off, and remove the spark plugs after the engine has cooled to avoid possible injury if the mower blade accidentally becomes engaged. Turn the mower on its side (for walk-... Read More »

How to Keep a Riding Mower Deck Clean?

Lawn mowers get messy during a day of cutting grass. Before you are through, your mower is typically covered in grass clippings, dirt and dust. If you park your mower as is, the grime will dry on t... Read More »

My lawn mower makes a squealing sound when my mower deck?

Easy fix. Under the deck, where the blades are attached to the spindle. Look just above the blade. You'll find a grease point that needs to be greased once a month. It looks like this. http://akmsh... Read More »