How to Clean a Mare's Female Parts?

Answer Cleaning the dock area should be part of the daily grooming routine of all horses. Cleaning the vulva and udders is not daily routine care, however is needed on a regular basis (every few months or... Read More »

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How many parts are in the female reproductive system?

The female reproductive system has organs, internal and external structures, and glands working together during a women's lifetime. There are 18 components and associated glands (two vestibular, nu... Read More »

What are the names of all the female body parts?

Can someone be born with female&male sexual parts?

If a person has the condition called intersex, there is a discrepancy between their internal and external genitals. Doctors once referred to this condition as hermaphroditism. For example, a child ... Read More »

How to Remove Pubic Hair From Female Parts?

Women have been looking for ways to remove hair from the bikini area quickly and efficiently for several years. While some opt for laser hair removal, it can be costly and painful. Home hair remova... Read More »