How to Clean a MAF Sensor on a Corolla?

Answer The mass airflow sensor is a critical component within the Toyota Corolla. The sensor, commonly called the MAF sensor, tells the engine's computer how much air is going into the engine. The engine ... Read More »

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How to Clean an Oxygen Sensor on a Corolla?

Cleaning an oxygen sensor on a Toyota Corolla is not a common practice because, normally, the sensor is simply replaced when it goes bad. However, cleaning the sensor can be done as a temporary sto... Read More »

How to Replace an Oxygen Sensor in a Corolla?

The oxygen sensors on your Toyota Corolla monitor the exhaust coming out of your engine. It sends this information to the Corolla's computer, called an "ECU". The ECU then adjusts the fuel mixture ... Read More »

How to Change an O2 Sensor on a 1999 Corolla?

The oxygen sensor--also known as an O2 sensor--in a 1999 Toyota Corolla determines the amount of oxygen in the Corolla's exhaust system, then sends that data to the engine computer. In turn, the co... Read More »

Symptoms of a Bad Oxygen Sensor on a Corolla?

The oxygen sensor in your Toyota Corolla is a electronic component that senses the amount of oxygen entering your car's engine and sends this data to the on-board computer so the proper amount of f... Read More »