How to Clean a Lifetime Car Air Filter?

Answer Even though lifetime car air filters, also known as reusable air filters, are approximately double the price of throwaway air filters, they will literally, if taken care of properly, last the lifet... Read More »

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Does the lifetime max or lifetime cap get reset when you change health insurance?

Answer Many times lifetime caps start over with new insurance. You may find more relevant information at

The Best Way to Clean the Cabin Air Filter & Air Filter on Vehicles?

Cleaning an air filter rather than replacing it can save you money and reduce the volume of automotive waste products that harm the environment. Automotive filters are relatively easy to clean and ... Read More »

How to Clean an Air Aid Air Filter?

Air Raid air filters, sometimes referred to as Air Aid Air filters because they are reusable and conserve energy when utilized properly as well as preventing pollution, are specialized air filters ... Read More »

How to Clean a KN Air Filter?

KN filters can improve your fuel economy. They are easily cleanable with the KN Recharger Filter Care Service Kit. You can clean your KN filter without much hassle by following these simple instr... Read More »