How to Clean a Keyboard With Acetone?

Answer Although it's best practice to avoid eating and drinking near your computer, it seems nearly impossible to do that. Keyboards collect dust and debris under the keys and the keys will become sticky ... Read More »

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How to Remove Water in a Keyboard With Acetone?

Household keyboards can become damaged in many different ways. For people who eat and drink while at their computer, it is possible to damage the keyboard by spilling water in it. There are a few d... Read More »

How to Clean Chrome Acetone?

If you are an enthusiast of remote control cars, trucks and other vehicles, chances are you have tried to assemble your own RC vehicle at some point. In doing so, you are likely aware that most whe... Read More »

How to Clean Acetone Spilled on Linoleum?

If you spilled acetone on your linoleum floor, don't panic. You can easily clean it up without damaging the floor, and with a few extra precautions, remove any lingering residue. However, the fumes... Read More »

How to Clean a Motorcyle Gas Tank with Acetone?

If you don't use your motorcycle very often the gas tank can become gummed up and will not get clean gas to the carburetor, and your bike won't run properly. Even if you use your motorcycle often, ... Read More »