How to Clean a K&N Cone Filter?

Answer The K&N cone air filter is an aftermarket upgrade to cars that use cone-shaped air filters. The K&N filters have been around for more than 40 years, when K&N Engineering Inc. started as a family bu... Read More »

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How to Change to a K&N Cone Carburetor Filter?

A K&N cone carburetor air filter is housed on the inside of the round carburetor housing on the top of the engine of the vehicle. The cone filter is secured to the air intake by a round metal clamp... Read More »

How do I clean rust off of a cone top can?

Light RustRemove rust gently using baking soda and a potato. Slice a potato in half and dip it in baking soda. Rub on the rust as if you were sanding the surface. Continue until all rust is gone.He... Read More »

How to Convert a Basket Coffee Filter to Use in a Cone Coffee Maker?

The coffee-filter format quandary has confused new coffee drinkers for years. Whether you send a non-coffee drinker out to buy coffee filters or you accidentally grab the wrong type at the grocery ... Read More »

How to Get Your Cat Into a Cone of Shame (Cone Collar)?

You come in from the vet with the cat in one hand and the cone collar in the other. You try stuffing the cone on the cat but you end up with many scratches and scars. How will you get this thing on... Read More »