How to Clean a Juiceman?

Answer Doctors and other health professionals regularly stress the importance of including lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet , but many people still can't find a way to squeeze in all the necess... Read More »

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Is Juiceman a masticating juicer?

Yes, the Juiceman brand juicers are masticating juicers. All of the Juiceman models, including the JM300, JM400 and the JM503, are electric juicers that are able to masticate, or "chew up," large c... Read More »

Who invented the Juiceman juicer?

Jay Kordich is the inventor of the Juiceman juicer. Kordich was 20 years old when he was put on a juice-only diet due to illness. It took 20 years for him to perfect the design of the Juiceman juic... Read More »

What watt motor does the Juiceman 2-speed juicer use?

The Juiceman brand manufactures two distinct two-speed automatic juice extractors. Both the JM300 and JM400 juicers employ 700-watt motors to extract pulp from whole fresh fruits and vegetables, cr... Read More »

What will clean a bath tub that is old and refuses to come clean?

Step 1: Simply layer the tub with a roll of paper towel. Laying it out along the bottom and the sides would be the best idea, with a little overlap to ensure complete coverage. Then slowly pour th... Read More »