How to Clean a Jetted Spa Using Spa Rx?

Answer Before Spa-Rx, the only recommended cleaning system for getting the very dangerous bacteria out of your jetted tub was to fill the tub, add detergent, run the jets for 20 minutes, refill the tub fo... Read More »

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How to Clean a Jetted Tub?

Cleaning a jetted tub has gone through changes in the last few years, newer technologies and products have come on the market to actually attack the gunk and bio-film that reside on the jetted pipe... Read More »

How to Clean a Jetted Bathtub?

Have you ever taken a bath in your jetted tub and had black flakes or brown scum appear? Your jetted bathtub - also known as a whirlpool bath or Jacuzzi® tub[1] - is a haven for bacteria and mold.... Read More »

How to Clean Your Jetted Tub with a Bio Cleaner?

Jetted Tub Plumbing BacteriaThe day you purchase and install a jetted tub from a manufacturer into your home is the day that you need to start regularly cleaning it properly. The most efficient tim... Read More »

How do I clean jetted tub jets?

Drop two dishwasher detergent tablets, or 2 tsp. powdered dishwasher soap into the bottom of the Jacuzzi hot tub, along with 1 cup white vinegar. Turn on the Jacuzzi and adjust the jets to run at h... Read More »