How to Clean a Jacket With a Viscose & Wool Shell?

Answer For a large part of the world, winter jackets are a must for a chunk of the year when temperatures drop. Viscose and wool shell jackets are elegant, comfortable and warm, but, fearing damage, we he... Read More »

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Can you wash a wool jacket?

You can wash a wool jacket at home by soaking it in your sink or washing machine. Do not run it through a full laundry cycle, or place it in the dryer. To wash a wool jacket, fill the sink or washe... Read More »

How to Clean a Sea Shell (for Hermit Crabs)?

There are several ways described to new "hermit crabbers" as to how to clean a hermit crab compatible shell. Described below is the two best working ways.

How to Clean a Soft-Shell Crab?

Blue crabs are the most widely available of the soft-shell variety. Before you can fry, broil or prepare the crab, you'll need to clean it properly. Sniff the crab prior to cleaning it. A fresh cra... Read More »

How to Clean Merino Wool?

Considered the finest of wools, merino wool is used in the manufacture of countless garments and blankets. According to the Australian Wool Innovation, a nonprofit company owned by Australian wool ... Read More »