How to Clean a House in Four Hours?

Answer Are you swamped by too many unhelpful hints and tips on cleaning? That's why this article is here to give you the ultimate advice and guidance on fast cleaning with or without children in the home ... Read More »

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Messy house or Clean house Tidy but dirty Untidy but clean Somewhere in the middle?

Clean and tidy or I feel like a retard. Seriously, I don't feel right if the house is dirty or messed up, I don't see how people can live that way.

Which area in the house are you most likely to find lots of germs even if your house is clean?

the's said that most toilets are cleaner than kitchens. We know how to clean a toilet, but are more careless in the kitchen.

If a house alarm in your street had been going off for 3 HOURS..... AND STILL ON NOW. What would you do?

For a long time now burglar alarms SHOULD ( by law) switch off after 20 minutesCall your local ENVIRONMENTAL office and ask what they are prepared to do about itIf you can get away with it smash th... Read More »

How long will it take for an iPhone 4S take to get to your house if it was 24 hours?

You can stretch the picture of the videos by tapping the feature when the video's are playing.