How to Clean a Hermit Crab?

Answer This Hermit Crab needs a bath... Badly.Would you like to bathe your Hermie without drowning him/her? This article will help you clean out the shell and clean off your hermie without hurting it.

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How to Clean a Hermit Crab Tank?

Having a clean tank is vital to the health of your hermit crabs. This article describes a natural cleaning process for your tank and its contents.

How Do I Clean Out a Hermit Crab Cage?

Remove all hermit crabs and empty hermit crab shells and place them in a plastic bucket with tall, smooth sides. Have someone watch to make sure the crabs don't climb out.Take out all accessories i... Read More »

How do i clean a hermit crab tank?

Cleaning the Substrate and SpongesSift the sand or other substrate using a fine mesh net, such as an aquarium net. Sifting cleans the feces, exoskeletal pieces and uneaten food from the substrate. ... Read More »

How do I clean hermit crab decor?

Remove all decor, toys and accessories from your hermit crab enclosure. Separate wooden or plastic items from the rest of the decor, such as rocks and decorative shells.Microwave the wooden items f... Read More »