How to Clean a Gravestone?

Answer Is the gravestone of your loved one starting to get a bit dirty? Here are the instructions on how to clean a gravestone.

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How to Draw a Gravestone?

Want to create a gravestone for halloween or just for fun? Follow this quick and easy tutorial for drawing your very own gravestone!Note: follow the red line for each step

Gravestone Sayings?

Gravestones of famous statesmen, comedians and authors can offer compelling information about their lives, but it can be equally interesting to read the epitaphs of people unknown to us as we try t... Read More »

How to Make a Gravestone Rubbing?

Headstone, tombstone or gravestone rubbings are a great way to preserve a bit of history. If you're interested in genealogy or even just the art in your local cemetery, it's easy to get started.

Why Do People Put Rocks on a Gravestone?

Many different cultures leave symbolic tokens on gravestones to honor the dead. Although the exact origins of the custom are unknown, Jewish mourners continue to leave rocks on gravestones to show ... Read More »