How to Clean a Gold-Plated Toyota Emblem?

Answer Your Toyota's gold-plated emblem regularly braves the elements and needs a thorough cleaning from time to time to maintain its luster. The gold-platting is a thin layer of gold applied to the emble... Read More »

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How to Clean Gold-Plated Silver Jewelery?

Gold-plated silver jewelry, also called gold vermeil, has a very thin layer of gold applied over silver. It is almost like gold paint. The thin layer of gold usually wears off rather quickly. Since... Read More »

How to Clean Rusty Gold Plated Rims?

Gold plating on the wheel rims of your tires can add a certain element of class and sophistication to your car's aesthetic. However, if rust begins to form on those gold-plated rims, the visual eff... Read More »

Difference between silver plated and gold plated.?

The notion that gold plated cables are "more responsive" is nonsense. Your silver-looking connectors are most likely nickel plated. They'll work fine. Connectors do add a tiny bit of resistance to ... Read More »

Are the pins in computer processes really gold, or are they just gold plated?

That depends. Now-A-Days they are only gold plated for cost reasons, thats why components are now priced cheaper. Back in the day, processors & such were made of 24 carat gold & were expensive. Whe... Read More »