How to Clean a Gas Grill Brass Burner?

Answer All of the surfaces in your kitchen have slightly different cleaning procedures. Keeping the surfaces in your kitchen clean is very important. Clean surfaces and appliances will function better and... Read More »

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How do I clean a gas grill burner?

Use a wire brush to clean the ports and the outer edges of the gas grill burner. Remove rust and grime from inside the ports with a flexible wire, like a unfolded paper clip. Tap the burner to knoc... Read More »

Signs of a Grill Burner Going Out?

Grill burners, whether on an outdoor grill or an indoor stove, will wear out or become clogged quickly unless they are cleaned. Outdoor grill burners are especially prone to rusting if the grill is... Read More »

How do I protect a grill burner from rust?

Use Stainless Steel PolisherPolish your grill burner with a stainless steel polisher. You can buy polish at general stores. This will prevent rust from collecting on the grill burner after usage.Pe... Read More »

How do I fix back my grill burner that is falling off.?

Did you know? Beko cookers have been in the News recently, for all the wrong reasons might I add. They have (not all) serious and major operational safety issues. Certain models are responsible ... Read More »