How to Clean a GM Mass Air Flow Sensor?

Answer A mass air flow (MAF) sensor monitors the air flow on fuel-injected vehicles. It works by sending a constant voltage over two heated wires on the sensor. The wires cool down as the air flows across... Read More »

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How to Clean the Mass Air Flow Sensor on a 3.1 GM V6?

The MAF sensor on the 3.1 GM V6 is installed to monitor the amount of air entering the engine at any specific time. The information is then used to control the air to fuel ratio. The MAF sensor wil... Read More »

How to clean your Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF)?

If your mass air flow (MAF) is dirty on your car, you can lose power, mpg, and throw an error code which can cause you to fail smog checks!

How Do You Clean or Check a Mass Air Flow Sensor?

A mass airflow is a crucial component to the free breathing of your engine. A dirty mass airflow sensor can rob your vehicle of its power, and in some cases can trigger a false alert during an emis... Read More »

How to Clean the Mass Air Flow Sensor on a Mazda?

The mass air flow sensor is an integral part that helps your Mazda run efficiently and smoothly. This sensor converts the amount of air flow in the engine compartment into a signal that is then use... Read More »