How to Clean a Foggy Plastic Lens?

Answer If you have fog on your camera lens, your photos will all look like they were taken on a foggy London night. However, fog can be easily removed, providing a clear view of the world. Don't let the f... Read More »

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How to repair frosted or foggy plastic headlight lens?

Foggy or frosted headlamp lens effects the way the light shines through it, this is a common problem with any vehicle with plastic headlamp lens. I will show you a quick fix that I used and it work... Read More »

How to Clean a Foggy Headlight Lens?

Foggy headlights affect not only the look of the car, but also the way things look from the car by giving off a dimmer version of the light it once provided. While foggy headlights may not be a saf... Read More »

How to Clean Plastic Foggy Headlight Covers?

Does your car look perfect after a wash and wax except for those dull, clouded headlight lenses? Replacing damaged lenses can be costly, but you can restore those cloudy lenses to look nearly new. ... Read More »

How To Clean a Plastic Headlight Lens?

Plastic headlight lenses can accumulate dirt, road grime and insect debris over time. If they're not cleaned often, debris will eventually oxidize the clear plastic, leaving an opaque haze on the s... Read More »