How to Clean a Fluffy Toy With Shampoo?

Answer If your child's favourite toy is looking a little worse for wear and it's time to get the dirt off, there is an easy way using simple detergent. This is a child-friendly and fluffy toy-friendly sol... Read More »

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How to Clean With Cheap Shampoo?

Most people have half empty, old shampoo bottles lying around their house. Sometimes you end up buying shampoo that doesn't work as you would like or you have a drawer full of hotel shampoo bottles... Read More »

How do I clean with cheap shampoo?

BathroomApply cheap shampoo directly to discolored rings in your bathtub or toilet. Let the shampoo rest on the stains for a few minutes, and scrub the stains with a scrub brush to remove the rings... Read More »

Can You Clean a Synthetic Wig With Regular Shampoo?

Synthetic wigs are most commonly recommended as they are the easiest to maintain. Often described as "shake and go," synthetic wigs also require little effort to style. Still, caring for your synt... Read More »

How to Clean Hair Naturally with Homemade Shampoo?

Ingredients for homemade shampoo can purchased at a lower prices than most shampoos and the ingredients are non-toxic. Shampoos contain ingredients that strip hair of its natural oils and suppress ... Read More »