How to Clean a Cushioned Floor?

Answer Many types of flooring offer cushioning, ranging from cork floors that are easy on your feet and legs to gym mats that absorb impact. Cleaning a cushioned floor properly gets rid of dirt that scrat... Read More »

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What is an effective and easy way to remove/clean the oil that's on the garage floor (it's a concrete floor)?

Believe it or not - Kitty Litter. The cheapest you can find. Put it on the oil spots & let it remain a couple days. Stir & sweep it around once or twice.It might take a couple treatments but it wil... Read More »

How do you clean pop off of the floor?

If it is carpet, soak up all the liquid and then use a cleaner like Folex available at Home Depot to clean any stain.If it is vinyl or laminate, use a sponge mop and vinegar and water. You don't wa... Read More »

How do I clean a bathroom floor?

Clean up and SweepPick up all the rugs off the floor, and place them in another room so they are not in the way. Sweep the floor with a broom and a dustpan. You may need a hand broom to sweep the d... Read More »

How to Keep a Wood Floor Clean?

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