How to Clean a Computer Screen With Water?

Answer Cleaning a computer screen can be complicated if you don't know what to clean it with and what to go with it. This article will teach you how to clean a computer screen with water.

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What can i clean the computer screen with?

I use baby wipes and a soft cloth. Works a

Can I clean my computer screen with Windex?

The glass fronts of CRT monitors (the larger box-shaped monitors) may be cleaned with Windex. Spray the cleaner on a clean rag and apply it to the monitor, being careful to prevent liquid from seep... Read More »

Can you clean a plasma screen (on a computer) with windex?

Yes you can. Firstly make sure the plasma is off.....Then spray the windex onto the rag, a soft cloth like a chux. Not so much that its dripping off, just damp. Then wipe, it should remove any gunk... Read More »

What is best to clean a computer screen with?

A cloth that you usually clean your glasses with, I forget what its called but those usually work great. Also you can just use water and a paper towel just only a little bit of water and just scrub... Read More »