How to Clean a Celica Gas Tank?

Answer The Celica was first produced by Toyota in 1971. This sporty coupe served as a replacement for other sport vehicles that were difficult to insure. Over time, the Celica has increased in quality and... Read More »

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How to Remove the Gas Tank in a 1991 Toyota Celica?

As cars get older, they can become victims of corrosion and rust, sometimes from the inside out. Some brands of gasoline contain more moisture than others depending on the climate, and the gas tank... Read More »

How to Clean a Mass Air Flow Sensor on a Celica GTS?

In a 2003 Toyota Celica GTS, the mass air flow sensor determines the amount of air getting to the throttle body and then sends that data to the vehicle's computer. This information is used by the c... Read More »

How to Clean Old Gas From a Tank?

Gas tanks are found on many devices in your yard and garage---from your motorcycle to your lawn mower. Your gas-powered vehicles may need a new tank, or the tank may just be dirty and require a pro... Read More »

What Can Be Used to Clean an Old Gas Tank?

Gas tanks can often become gummed up with old gas and other contaminants over time. It is not necessary to replace the tank if the proper cleaning methods are applied. Cleaning the gas tank is simp... Read More »