How to Clean a Cartilage Piercing?

Answer Cartilage piercings are like a coming of age when you're a teenager, but adults get them, too. While it might be stylish and unique, it's an uncomfortable place to get a piercing since you can't sl... Read More »

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How to Get a Cartilage Ear Piercing?

Do you want to pierce your cartilage at home? Its very simple to do. As long as you have a the right supplies and state of mind.

Ear piercing (Cartilage)?

A few months ago, I got my doubles. They said the same thing and for a few days I did it, but I soon stopped. It didn't really matter too much. I would try cleaning it now. My ear did start to blee... Read More »

Ear Piercing Cartilage Infection?

Piercings of the ear cartilage are a common form of body adornment. The piercings may be done using a piercing "gun" or with a sterilized needle at a piercing or tattoo salon. The piercing can get ... Read More »

Cartilage Piercing Question?

I think you'll be fine. But for the first two weeks of PE, make sure to have a little cleaning kit. The sweat can infect it. So clean the piercing right after PE and then put the earring back in im... Read More »