How to Clean a Car for Someone?

Answer You are looking for a job in the neighbourhood and you want to make a bit of cash? Cleaning cars is already a good option but you have to feel confident in approaching other people to get your litt... Read More »

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Can someone please help me get motivated to clean!?

Here are a few tips... maybe one will work for you:+ Play your music loud on the stereo while you clean+ Use the Mount Burn'in method... find one small part of one room (usually the first thing you... Read More »

What Do I Clean in My House When Someone Has Pinworms?

Measuring 1/2 inch in length, pinworms are an internal parasite that can transfer from one host to another via their eggs. Pinworms can live in the body for several years without presenting any sig... Read More »

How do I clean stuffed animals after someone is sick?

WashingWash stuffed animals in the washing machine. Use the gentle setting, and select the warm/hot temperature setting. Use detergent with a bleach additive. Select a color-safe bleach product whe... Read More »

Can someone tell me the best way to clean out a smelly washing machine?

You have plenty of good suggestions. I just want to add one caution: if you run the cycle with bleach and very hot water, make sure the area is very well ventilated, as the vapors may be unhealthy ... Read More »