How to Clean a Car Headlight Lens?

Answer Clear, bright headlight lenses are essential for safe nighttime driving and bad weather conditions. Dirty, dull lenses can pose a hazard for both drivers and pedestrians. Exposure to dirt, grime, r... Read More »

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How to Clean the Headlight Lens on a Z3?

The headlight lens is the clear plastic piece that covers the headlight. Over time the headlight lens on a BMW Z3 can oxidize, turn yellow, and become scratched. For a complete auto detailing, the ... Read More »

How to Clean a Commercial Headlight Lens?

Keeping your vehicle headlight lenses clean is more than just a matter of aesthetics--it's a safety issue, too. Dirty, cloudy headlight lenses dim and obscure your view in dark and dangerous drivin... Read More »

How to Clean a Cloudy Headlight Lens?

If you take pride in the condition of your vehicle, then you want every last spot to look great. One spot that can be a challenge for some vehicle owners to keep clean is the headlight lens. This p... Read More »

How to Clean a Dull Headlight Lens?

Your vehicle headlights light up your way when driving at night or in poor weather conditions. Covering the vehicle headlights are polycarbonate lenses that protect them from damage. During use, su... Read More »