How to Clean a Car Cooling System?

Answer Corrosion and oxidation products from your engine block, radiator piping and hoses can accumulate in the coolant, leading to build-up and clogging of cooling system pathways. You can clean and flus... Read More »

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How to Clean Bars and Stop a Leak Out of a Cooling System?

Cooling system sealants, sold under brand names, such as Bar's Leaks and Stop Leak, work when the product is installed in a cooling system and mixes with the coolant mixture. The sealant, whether i... Read More »

How to Tell You Have Oil in Your Cooling System?

Oil should never be present in a car's cooling system. It is a symptom of a serious problem, such as a leaking head gasket, that is potentially costly and time-consuming to repair and even more haz... Read More »

Car Cooling System Problems?

A vehicle's cooling system protects the engine from the extreme temperatures that occur as a result of spark plugs igniting fuel. It keeps the engine at around the same temperature, which prevents ... Read More »

How to Check a Cooling System?

The cooling system in any car protects the engine from overheating by lowering the temperature of the coolant before sending it back into the engine. It lowers the coolant's temperature by continuo... Read More »