How to Clean a Bird?

Answer Do you have a dirty bird that needs cleaned? This article will teach you how to clean a bird.

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How to Clean Bird Poop?

Cleaning bird poop is not exactly the best pastime, but it is a necessary part of good bird care... so let's get started!

How to Clean Bird Droppings?

Wet bird droppings easily wipe up, but can dry to a hard mess that can be as difficult to clean as potty-training a bird. Here are some cleaning methods.

How do I clean a concrete bird bath?

Dump out all of the dirty water and rinse the birdbath completely. If you cannot move a heavy birdbath, then use a strong spray of water from a hose to blast out all of the water and debris.Use a s... Read More »

How to Clean Gourds for Bird House Painting?

Birds enjoy gourds for a birdhouse because they are all-natural on the inside. A gourd birdhouse has an earthy smell and is spongy on the interior even when dry to encourage nesting. Gourds for bir... Read More »