How to Clean a Betta Fishtank?

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How to Clean a Small Fishtank?

Is your small fresh water fish tank dirty? Does it need to be cleaned, and you don't know how to clean it? Here's how!

How often do you have to clean out a fishtank?

it depends on the size of your fish tank, the smaller it is the more often you have to clean it out. Try to 'vacuum' the substrate every 3 days or so and do a water change whenever you have lost ab... Read More »

How to Clean a Betta Fish Bowl?

Cleaning a betta fishbowl sounds much harder than it really is! Keeping bettas is a wonderful hobby, but aquarists sometimes shy away when cleaning is involved. With this article, you'll learn how ... Read More »

How often do I clean my betta tank?

On One Hand: Nonaerated BowlsBettas can be kept in a fish bowl without an air pump or filtration system. They can breathe not only through their gills, but also by gulping air at the water's surfac... Read More »