How to Clean a Bedroom, Bathroom and Closet in Two Hours?

Answer Your room is a mess. You can't see your vanity. Where are those shorts? Follow this article and you'll have clean rooms in no time.

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How to Clean Your Bathroom and Bedroom Quickly?

Is your room a mess? Your bathroom smell like something died? Sick of your parents nagging you to pick up. Well, here are a few tips to help you clean your room or bathroom fast.

How to Put a Closet in a Bedroom With No Closet?

A bedroom closet is a very useful feature. If your bedroom has no closet, it is possible to build one yourself. This project takes time and special skills, but if you have the desire to learn and t... Read More »

Does a bedroom have to have a closet?

If it is your own bedroom in your own house, you can do as you please. If you want to rent it out, your tenant will need a closet to store his things. According to house detective Barry Stone, ther... Read More »

Normally speaking where should a closet go in a bedroom?

on one of the sides the door isn't on, usually the wall furthest from the door and built in.