How to Clean a BBK Cold Air Intake Filter?

Answer The BBK air filter is a high-performance air filter made to last the life of the vehicle. However, over time, the filter may get dirty. This is OK, since the filter is made to be cleaned and reused... Read More »

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How to Clean a Cold Air Intake Filter?

Cold air intakes add horsepower to the cars they are installed on by increasing the amount of air delivered to the engine intake. This increases the combustion and fuel economy of the car as well a... Read More »

How to Clean AEM Cold Air Intake Filters?

An AEM cold air intake filter is typically conical in shape and attaches to the end of the cold-air intake pipe on your vehicle. This is generally an aftermarket option on most vehicles and allows ... Read More »

How to Clean an AEM Intake Filter?

AEM intake filters come in a range of sizes and types, and can fit most model makes and years. Most people install them in place of their stock air filters. These filters can be installed and cle... Read More »

How to Clean the Cold Water Filter in a Washing Machine?

When a clothes washer is very slow filling on "cold wash" or "cold rinse",the cold water filter is usually partially blocked. Removing the filter can allow debris to go into the water valve, possib... Read More »