How to Clean Yourself After an "Accident"?

Answer Don't you always hate when you never make it to the bathroom on time? Well this gives advice on how to clean yourself up from an accident.

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Is there a law that states that in a car accident the insurance company only pay per accident or do the pay each individual that was in the accident?

No and yes. The city will not offer you your money back, however, you can sue the officer who mistakenly arrested you in small claims or civil court. The precedent-setting case is happening right n... Read More »

What can you do if you had an accident and a ticket was given but later cancelled and there is no violation on record but the insurance company is still surcharging for the accident?

Answer If the insurance company had to pay anything for damamges, then they will raise your rates for it. An accident will be on your record whether at fault or not and whether or not you got a ti... Read More »

What can you do if your medical insurance covered bills due to an motor accident and knew it was an accident and put a lien on you?

Answer Just be happy that the premiums aren't any higher as the Insurance Company got reimbursed. The lien isn't on YOU, it's on any proceeds you might receive for medical bills from the other par... Read More »

Who is at fault in 3 car accident if going at a VERY low rate of speed and person that started chain of accident left the scene?

Answerall of them for not paying attention for what they were doing.In the UK - you should remember that you must travel a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you. So if the first car had ... Read More »