How to Clean Your Trumpet or Cornet Mouthpiece?

Answer This should be performed once every other week.

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Flugelhorn - Trumpet mouthpiece?

The closest flugelhorn mouthpiece to a Bach 6B trumpet mouthpiece is a Bach 6FL--the rims are identical. I am assuming that you're talking about over all length of trumpet and flugelhorn mouthpiec... Read More »

How to Get a Trumpet Mouthpiece Unstuck?

One of the biggest hassles with playing the trumpet is a stuck mouthpiece. Sometimes the instrument can fall and land of the mouthpiece, causing it to become stuck in the tube. If you leave your mo... Read More »

How to Clean Your Clarinet's Mouthpiece?

After you've been playing your clarinet for awhile, you will see crusty white stuff and/or gunky brown stuff building up on your mouthpiece. The white stuff is mostly a calcium deposit, and you don... Read More »

How to Clean a French Horn Mouthpiece?

Your mouthpiece could arguably be called the most important part of your horn. This is where the sound begins, and this is how your tone is created. If your mouthpiece is dirty, it can create quite... Read More »