How to Clean Your Toilet Sanitarily?

Answer When cleaning toilets you want to be careful not to transfer germs from toilet to sink to tub or shower etc. using sponges which carry hundreds of germs.

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How can I (sanitarily) pierce my lip?

Some things are better left to professionals. I believe there are nerves you need to watch out for, or else you could lose feeling in your lip permanently. Unless you want to slur and drool all o... Read More »

If you drop a bar of soap in a toilet, does the toilet get clean or does the soap get dirty?

i think the water gets clean and the soap gets...clean to. cause you can't get soap dirty...unless there's stuff in the toilet...this was actually a good question (;

How often do you clean your toilet?

What fabulous housekeeping! I guess in your case if the rats aren't gagging it doesn't need cleaned.

How to Clean a Toilet?

Nobody likes to clean a toilet, but it's essential to keep toilets clean. A dirty toilet will look disgusting, smell bad, and be a breeding ground for dangerous germs. If you want to make sure your... Read More »