How to Clean Your Rabbit's Ears?

Answer Wax and other gunk can build up in your rabbit's ears, which is why cleaning them every now and then is a good idea. Read on to learn how!

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How to Clean Your Ears?

Ears don't need frequent cleaning to remove ear wax; in fact, ear wax is an important part of your body's system for keeping dirt, bacteria and other things from causing hearing problems. However, ... Read More »

How to Clean Your Cat's Ears?

Many cats do a great job of keeping their own ears clean. Some cats may require a little help from you.

How to Clean Your Dog's Ears?

This is a simple task that can be done once a week to ensure proper ear care for your loyal companion.

How to really clean your ears PROPERLLY?

Poking 'anything' into the ear is not recommended.Most drug stores/departments sell ear cleaning kits, very inexpensive, just follow the directions.Water will run from your ear just tilting it, and... Read More »