How to Clean Your Navel?

Answer The Navel or Belly Button is one of the parts of our body that we don't often think about. With this article, you will know how to clean it the right way.

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How to Keep Your Navel Piercing Clean?

Piercings are becoming the norm in society and it is not strange to see one or more on people regardless of their age or social stature. Due to the popularity, the price of the procedure has also r... Read More »

How to Clean Navel Piercings?

It is important to keep a navel piercing clean, especially while it is healing They can easily become infected if not cleaned often. Use these tips to know how and when to clean your navel piercing... Read More »

How to clean a healed nose ring and navel ring?

I don't really do anything for any of my healed piercings. As long as they are healed you don't have to do anything. I've got way too many piercings to be taking them out and cleaning them all the ... Read More »

Is it possible to be born without a navel?

AnswerThe umbilical cord is the only source of nutrition to a fetus. It provides nutrition from the mother and returns waste products to the mother for disposal. In other words, it is essential to ... Read More »