How to Clean Your Hookah?

Answer Cleaning your hookah can be time consuming, but not if you do it right. Here are some quick tips for keeping your hookah smooth and enjoyable for centuries to come.

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What is your hookah flavor?

How long does it take to get hookah out of your system?

It depends what you put in the hookah. Normally it is just tobacco, which is not an illegal drug that will show up on a drug test. It's still bad for your lungs though.

How do you clean your dishwasher out when you don't use it often and you put your clean dishes in it to rinse your dish and dry yourself for storage?

Putting a cup or two of plain white vinegar in the dishwasher and running it without soap is a very good and inexpensive way to clean and freshen the dishwasher.

What is the best hookah How can I get best wholesale hookah?

I think you can check the website adress I haven given at my resource box. It is the best one so far...