How to Clean Your Home Without Using Chemicals?

Answer Cut down on the poisonous chemicals used in your home by making these alternative cleaners.

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How do i clean floor without using chemicals?

The ProcessSweep the floor and dispose of the swept up dust and debris. Fill a 5-gallon bucket to the halfway point with warm water. Measure out 2 1/2 cups of white vinegar and pour it into the war... Read More »

How to Remove Harmful Chemicals From Your Home Using Houseplants?

It is no secret that houseplants can beautify a home and provide an easy and enjoyable hobby. However, houseplants also provide an enormous benefit to your indoor air quality - many species can fil... Read More »

How to Clean Windows Without Chemicals?

Commercial window sprays can be expensive and may be harmful to children, pets, and the environment. Learn how to make the windows in your home crystal clear without toxic chemicals, unsightly stre... Read More »

How to Clean a Ceramic Sink Without Chemicals?

Household cleaning products are full of toxic chemicals which can be harmful to you and the environment. Here is a cheap way of cleaning your bathroom sink using natural ingredients.