How to Clean Your Face With Toothpaste?

Answer Always want to clean your face without spending big bucks. Yes, You want to clean your face. But you want to avoid having to pay a big bill. You want smooth skin, like a model.

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Is brushing your teeth without toothpaste as effective as with toothpaste?

AnswerPractically yes, if you discount the beneficial effects of fluoride. AnswerYes, it is basically the same. There are lots of arguments against fluoride, too. Everything I have read so far, by... Read More »

How to Clean Your Face With Oil?

Most commercial skin-cleansing products, such as soaps and creams, contain synthetics, harsh detergents and other chemical ingredients that can strip your skin of its natural oils. Soaps and creams... Read More »

How to Clean Your Face with Honey?

In addition to being a good food source,honey is a wonderful beauty product that has many health benefits including moisturizing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties. One of the easiest... Read More »

How to Clean Your Face With Olive Oil?

Olive oil is natural way to restore moisture to your skin. Because of its moisturizing properties, olive oil can be combined with another ingredient to effectively clean the skin. Unlike other faci... Read More »