How to Clean Your Entire Hard Drive Including OS?

Answer Formatting your computer's hard disk drive erases all software applications and data from the drive, including the operating system. After you have performed the format procedure, the drive will be... Read More »

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How do i copy the entire hard drive including partitions?

Locate software to clone the hard drive. Copying a hard drive, including its partitions, cannot be performed in Windows without third-party software. Download and install the software that works be... Read More »

How Do I Backup My Entire Hard Drive?

Creating backups of your computer data is essential to ensure important files, applications and settings are never permanently lost. There are two methods to create backups: manually selecting file... Read More »

Whats the best way to copy an entire hard drive?

It's incredible how many people are just not understanding this question...If you're only dealing with data that you need to backup, you'll be just fine to drag and drop the folders (even if it's a... Read More »

Is it possible to load an entire game onto an xbox 360 hard drive?

An entire game can be loaded onto your Xbox 360, according to IGN. To install a game, you need to press "Y" at the 'play game' screen. Putting games on a hard disk drive can improve load times and ... Read More »