How to Clean Your Dog Without Actually Brushing It?

Answer With some breeds of dogs, it is absolutely necessary to brush the coat both before and after a bath. This is generally longer haired breeds or breeds that do not have a set shedding season. However... Read More »

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Floss before brushing or floss after brushing and why?

People do either way. You should ask your dentist. I floss first then brush.

About Brushing Your Teeth?

Brushing your teeth is a habit that everyone needs to acquire in order to ensure that teeth remain healthy and intact. So many dental problems could be avoided if people brushed their teeth properl... Read More »

Is brushing your teeth too often bad please help!?

brushing too much for years and years (like 20 or more) is bad, brushing after every meal and even more when you have on braces is GOOD!don't worry about it for the few years you have on your brace... Read More »

When brushing your teeth, do you?

wet the brush before and after toothpastei also rinse my mouth first