How to Clean Your Brushes After Using Watercolor Paints?

Answer Lots of people use paint brushes, but only a few know how to properly clean them. Cleaning a paint brush is as important as cleaning your face; if you don't clean it, you will keep all of the dirt ... Read More »

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How do I clean watercolor brushes?

Take your watercolor brushes to the sink and rinse each one under warm water. Place your palm under the running water and swirl the brush gently in your palm. When the water flowing over the brush ... Read More »

How to Make Your Watercolor Brushes Last a Lifetime?

Watercolor brushes can be expensive. Superb kolinsky sable brushes may cost hundreds of dollars; even good synthetic brushes can be costly. If you invest in fine brushes, make it an investment that... Read More »

Do you let liquid watercolor paints dry in the palette?

On One Hand: It's NormalAn artist doesn't worry too much about small amounts of dried watercolor paint left on a palette, but instead focuses on the work in progress. It is perfectly normal for lef... Read More »

How to Take Watercolor Paints on an Airline?

Many artists enjoy using liquid watercolors and get better consistency and coverage with them, but traveling with this type of watercolor can be difficult. On an airplane the tubes tend to leak, an... Read More »