How to Clean Yellow Headlights?

Answer Changes in vehicle technology and design have also changed the products used in headlights from glass to more durable plastics. However, these changes have resulted in headlights developing a yello... Read More »

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How to Restore Yellow Headlights?

Headlights become yellow as a result of oxidation and ultra-violet ray damage from exposure to sunlight. The yellowing of a headlight does not occur through the whole thickness of the lens, however... Read More »

How to Remove the Yellow Film Off Headlights?

Automotive headlights are supposed to be bright, clear and able to shine a fair distance. When headlights -- or, in many cases, headlight covers -- are exposed to years of exposure and wear, they c... Read More »

How to Remove the Yellow Haze From My Headlights?

Most late-model automotive headlights are actually replaceable bulbs mounted in assemblies that have clear plastic protective shields. Over time, acid rain, salt and dirt residue form a yellow haze... Read More »

How to Clean Headlights?

Do your headlights look foggy now? Do those once crystal clear headlights now look like waxed paper is covering them? Here are some ways to clean your headlights and get them looking brand new agai... Read More »