How to Clean Wood Paneling & Wood Floors?

Answer Most of the surfaces in your home need regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them looking like new. For example, you might think that wood paneling wouldn't need to be cleaned very often. Howeve... Read More »

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How to Clean Mold From Wood Paneling?

Millions of mold spores circulate through the air in your home everyday. If moisture levels climb too high, or ventilation is insufficient, these spores will settle on various surfaces and form a f... Read More »

How to Clean Wood-Grain Paneling Walls?

Wood-grain paneling appears in homes and business throughout the world. Most of this type of paneling is treated with a finish that resists light moisture. If you need to clean your wood-grain pane... Read More »

How do I clean my wood floors?

MaintenanceTo maintain clean floors, sweep every couple of days with a bristled broom. Once a week, run a vacuum across the floor with the soft brush attachment. If there is a spill, wipe it up wit... Read More »

How to Clean No Wax Wood Floors?

Hardwood floors require special care to maintain their natural beauty. Many of today's hardwood floors have a wax-free finish, and are cleaned differently than floors with a wax coating. There are ... Read More »