How to Clean & Winterize Repossessed Homes?

Answer With the mortgage crisis beginning in 2008, many homes were repossessed by banks and other lenders. Cleaning and winterizing the homes to preserve the lenders' investment is a service to the lender... Read More »

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What Happens to Repossessed Homes?

Homeowners who default on their mortgage loans may face repossession of their homes. Once the foreclosure process has begun, a home is sold at public auction to satisfy the terms of the loan.

Do children behave better when their homes are neat and clean?

i agree that parenting has everything to do with better behaved children. Your MIL may be referring to Qi and Feng-Shui (without realizing) That when things are in order, the energy or Qi should fl... Read More »

How do I clean heating ducts in mobile homes?

Remove the Vent CoversSwitch off the central heat and air unit. Unscrew the vent covers using a screwdriver and remove them. Place a hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Turn on the vacuum. Inse... Read More »

Home Remedies to Kill Lice & Clean Homes?

Lice spread very easily and can be hard to get rid of. Getting rid of lice requires determination. While lice are not dangerous, no one likes the thought of providing a home for insects in his hair... Read More »