How to Clean White Sidi Boots?

Answer Motorcycle riders know the importance of owning and caring for Sidi boots. These finely engineered boots are part of the motorcycle rider's wardrobe, enhancing safety and offering style and support... Read More »

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How to Get White Watermarks Out of Boots?

Keep your boots in tip-top shape by removing any white watermarks that may arise due to water or salt in the winter. White watermarks on boots are easy to identify because of the chalky film found ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of White Salt Marks on Boots?

In the winter months the streets are salted regularly to keep people from slipping and falling. Although salt is great for helping you keep your traction, it is rough on winter footwear. When salt ... Read More »

How do you remove yellow color from white fur boots?

Well, if you can't afford to have them professionally dry cleaned then you might try a diluted solution of water and hydrogen peroxide. Three parts water to one part peroxide should do it. Just d... Read More »

Why do alligator hunters wear white boots?

In the days hot sun they are cooler then black. And at night while hunting or fishing with others the toes of white boots are noticeably not a gators mouth where the black boots resemble a gators m... Read More »