How to Clean White Powder Off of Lawn Chairs?

Answer When spring rolls around, most homeowners get the urge to dig out their lawn chairs to enjoy the pleasant weather. However, if your plastic lawn chairs are covered in a white powder, it is possible... Read More »

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How to Clean Oxidized White Plastic Lawn Chairs So You Don't Get White on Your Clothes?

Oxidation occurs on objects, such as plastic lawn chairs, after a long exposure to oxygen. After oxygen and water come in contact with metal, the process results in rust. With white plastic chairs ... Read More »

Can you use muriatic acid to clean plastic lawn chairs and if so what ratio?

%REPLIES%AnswerMuriatic (hydrochloric) acid is great, and will clean anything that it won't dissolve. But it's VERY DANGEROUS. Even when diluted, it can burn the skin and eyes, and the vapors will ... Read More »

How to Clean White Powder From a Battery?

Lifting the hood of your car to discover white compound on your battery can be alarming at first. It is important to keep your car and all the parts functioning properly. While no immediate threat,... Read More »

How to Clean White Powder Off Range Burner Grates?

Even the most meticulous cook sometimes spills on the stove. Cooks who are less precise may end up with a messy stove after every meal. Baking soda, flour, sugar or other ingredients can cover your... Read More »