How to Clean Wheel Weights?

Answer Wheel weights are small pieces of metal attached to your vehicle's tire and wheel combination. These weights help balance your tires while preventing vibration and bounce. Wheel weights attach to t... Read More »

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How to Reuse Wheel Weights?

Proper balance will ensure that your car's tires wear well and handle without vibration at high speeds. In order to achieve balance in tires, technicians typically use wheel weights adhered, or cli... Read More »

How to Remove Wheel Weights?

A wheel weight is a small piece of metal that has been molded to fit precisely onto the wheel, usually on the outer rim of the wheel. The weight provides balance and stability when the wheel is in ... Read More »

How to Install Wheel Weights?

When tires are manufactured, there is typically a high or low spot in the construction. These high and low spots create a heavy spot or spots. Heavy spots cause a vibration in the axle that holds t... Read More »

Can wheel weights be used for bullets?

Wheel weights can be used as bullets when melted and all impurities are removed. The impurities, dark in color, float to the surface of the molten lead. Remove the impurities with an old spoon or l... Read More »